Chennai's company presents a large screen format to rival IMAX

Qube Cinemas , the Chennai-based digital cinema technology provider, has created EPIQ, a premium large-screen format that rivals IMAX . First EPIQ screen, claimed to be the largest in South Asia, was launched on August 29, at the V EPIQ Theater at Sullurpet, Andhra Pradesh. The blockbuster Saaho became the first Indian film to have been shot for this format.

EPIQ adds grandeur to the movie-watching experience with a wall-to-wall 100-foot-wide flat screen, and stadium seating. Latest audio-visual technologies like Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio and 4K RGB laser projection are employed to enhance the experience. With a 1: 1.9 screen aspect ratio, it is optimized for both scope and flat movies.

Speaking about the format, Jayendra Panchapakesan, filmmaker and one of the founders of Qube, tells us, EPIQ will provide an immersive movie viewing experience to the movie-goer and at an affordable price (tickets at V EPIQ Theater are price at Rs 200 and Rs 100). For exhibitors, too, the format will be cheaper because the licensing fees will be much lower than that of IMAX. He adds that the focus right now is on getting theaters in India and South Asia to adopt this format.

R Madhie, Saaho's director of photography, says: Epiq will have a tremendous impact on the film industry, giving us greater reach in the way we produce feature films. Knowing that the public can have an immersive experience like this will greatly increase the creative possibilities for us in terms of images, sound and more.