The slowdown is unrelated to the electricity sector, growing at almost 7%: the energy minister, R K Singh

NEW DELHI: in the midst of a deepening slowdown in the economy, energy demand It has stood out, growing almost 7 percent thanks to the new largest consumer addition program in the world that has brought electricity to almost every door.

In an interview with PTI, energy minister RK Singh said Thursday: Now, we are at a stage where there is universal access to electricity in India. We have left some houses in Chhattisgarh and some villages in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. led to this growth in the electrical industry sector (equipment manufacturing).

He also added that those making things such as transformers and conductors got the fillip and are growing at 6.9 per cent. "Our energy demand has also grown at 6.7 per cent in the last quarter (April-June) compared to previous quarter."

The minister was hopeful that the energy demand growth would further rise as the government is in the process of taking steps to boost demand, which include bringing new tariff policy and second version of Uday scheme for revival of debt-laden power distribution company.

The minister also said: (Under the Saubhagya scheme), there is a large expansion of access in the energy sector . In the last 17-18 months, we have carried out the largest access expansion in the world. The International Energy Agency is saying this. We add 26.4 million new electricity consumers at once.

India's economic growth fell to a minimum of more than six years from 5 percent in the quarter from April to June. However, the electricity sector showed robust growth. According to the latest data of the Industrial Production Index (IIP), electricity outlet It grew 8.2 percent in June compared. the power generation growth it was 7.2 percent in the period from April to June in the same period a year ago.

According to the IIP data, the overall growth of industrial production was only two percent in June, while it was 3.6 percent in April-June. In addition, other sectors such as manufacturing and mining grew at a meager rate of 3.1 and 3 percent in the first quarter of this fiscal year.

The minister emphasized that '24X7 Power for All' is possible since the government is working in that direction and taking the necessary measures.