Update from Kumkum Bhagya, September 3: Disha tells Pragya that Abhi did not marry anyone after their separation

In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya , Disha tells Pragya that Abhi did not marry anyone after she left him. Pragya is glad to hear her and says she knew that Abhi will never give her place to anyone else. She wants to be with Abhi once again.

Ranbir dances in his room and Aryan searches for his phone. Turn off the song and tell Ranbir to call Shahana. Shahana sees Ranbir's call and thinks he could have worked with Prachi. She asks Prachi to answer the call and the latter gets angry.

Prachi scolds Ranbir and Aryan for arguing about her. Ranbir disconnects the call and tells Aryan that Shahana will never insult him again.

Prachi calls Ranbir and the latter tenses. Prachi begins to scold him for calling Shahana posing as aria.

On the other hand, Abhi prepares to go to Prachi's house. When he is about to leave, he hears Rhea yell at someone. He realizes that Rhea didn't like the designer dresses she received.

Meera helps Rhea choose the right dress for her. The designer feels that Meera is Rhea's mother and says she is lucky to have her. Rea gets furious and tells him that his mother left them 20 years ago. Pragya opens his closet and finds his lost box. Prachi tells Pragya that the box had fallen and she kept it aside. She tells Prachi that a photo was missing. Pragya tells Prachi not to touch his things.

Pragya is hurt because he only had a picture of Abhi with her.