Kim embarrassed to let North wear huge earrings

Reality television star Kim Kardashian Social media users have embarrassed her for letting her six-year-old daughter, North West, wear huge hoop earrings.

The keeping up with the Kardashians Star shared a picture of her taking a pinky oath with North and captioned the image: Besties for life!

The photograph obtained almost 60,00,000 likes in the first half hour of its publication, reports the source.

Although the first followers were full of praise for the adorable photography, things became unpleasant when the size of North's hoop earrings began to become the focus of the image.

One wrote: Cute but those giant hoops for a little girl?

Another commented: North does not have to wear hoops so big to what, 6?

They are going to pull their little holes.

Hey, I know you would like to see your children elegant and great. But it is too small to wear such a large hoop! It will affect your hole in the ear in the future. Two smaller sizes would have been fine, one user said.