Advancement of Bigg Boss Telugu 3, Day 45: Ali Reza discusses with Punarnavi about becoming physical in the task; Internet users support the actor

The last task in season 3 of Bigg Boss Telugu has triggered some important fights in the house. In Dongaludochina Nagari, a task that requires housemates to participate in a fight, getting physical has been the main complaint in the game so far.

The next episode will present the continuation of the same task in which Ali Reza He is frustrated by the same complaint. In the preview of the next episode that appeared online a while ago, Ali can be seen attacking the bandit group that includes Punarnavi for their game that doesn’t let them get physical even as a part of the task. However, Punarnavi hits back at him in equal measure.

In the task, Ali belongs to the group of citizens who need to stop the group of bandits to which Punarnavi belongs to.

Internet users supported Ali on this issue. Most of them felt that physical exercise in such a task is inevitable and that housemates playing cards of women or projecting them as violence are unfair.

Earlier, Sreemukhi slammed shut Rahul for getting physical during the beginning of the task. Punarnavi immediately came in support of Rahul and argued with her. The latest episode also witnessed a fight between Vithika & Ravikrishna while the duo fought in the pool as part of the task.

Bigg Boss even warned the housemates against violence & suggested them to smartly accomplish the task without getting violent.