Agnisakshi completes 1500 episodes; A quick look at recent turns in history

Agnisakshi It is, without a doubt, one of the most beloved daily soaps on Kannada TV. The soap that was released five years ago has successfully completed 1500 episodes. Although the program has witnessed a fall in the TRP lists, the program enjoys a large fan base.

However, the last twists have managed to entertain the viewers and have hit them in front of the TV.

Here's a look at the most popular twists of Agnisakshi:

Radhika joins the family

Sannidhi and family members finally manage to bring Radhika back home. Radhika discovers the true colors of Chandrika and apologizes to Vasudev and family members for not believing them.

Siddharth moves to Australia

Disappointed with the incidents at home, Siddharth (male protagonist) decides to move to Australia.

Entry of new characters.

The program has recently introduced new characters. Veteran actress Vanitha Vasu recently joined the team and has assumed a fleshy role, while Arjun Ramesh, who was last seen as Lord Shiva in the popular mythological series 'Shani', is also a new participant.

Chandrika's master plan

Having not conspired against Sannidhi, Chandrika plots a new plan to take revenge on Vasudev and his family members. In an amazing turn of events, Anjali falls prey to the Chandrika trap and is forced to marry Shourya, although his family members do not know.

Maya agrees to get married

Vasudev, with a broken heart, decides to return to the ashram when Maya and Anjali refuse to fulfill their plea. To prevent Vasudeva from leaving the house, Maya accepts the wedding halfway.