I've learned a lot from my days at GLS: Hemang Shah

“The energy I witnessed on the GLS stage is unmatched. It's something that motivated me to study theater, he says Hemang Shah , the main character of Mahesh R Ghodeswar's work Hero alom That is having a successful career across the country.

Your movie Montu Ni Bittu Also starring Aarohi Patel released last month. Hemang, who won the hearts of the audience with his performance in Krishnadev Yagnik Karsandas pays and uses He is a former student of GLS BCom and MCom. I tried three times for the National Drama School (NSD), but I could not pass, said Hemang, who has been doing theater for the past seven years.


Hemang, who has acted in more than 10 films, will soon be seen in Bhavin Trivedi. Gujarati movie Patra with Tran Aadi Liti El actor Kishan Gadhavi. “La movie se proyecta actualmente en festivales de cine. Estoy desempeñando un papel inspirado en la vida de un profesor de bellas artes en Ahmedabad. Estoy interpretando el papel de un artista especialmente capacitado ”, dice Hemang, cuyo padre es un artista de bellas artes.

Ask this Chu Chu Ka Murabba actor which is his favorite play and he says, “I like the Gujarati plays that are staged in Mumbai. You have so much to learn from them. On a personal note, I like Sir Sir Sarla, Hun Chandrakant Bakshi etc.