Written update of Kasthooriman, September 3, 2019: Jeeva conspires against Indirabhai

In the recent episode of Kasthooriman , Kavya returns to Ishwaramadam and Jeeva is excited about the same. Jeeva asks Kavya not to reveal his return to Indirabhai. He says he wants to confuse them.

Later, Kavya hugs Jeeva and thanks him for his concern about the subrogation. Jeeva replies that he wanted to make Kavya happy. The duo enjoys a romantic moment.

The next morning, Shivani and Indirabhai are seen cooking food for Jeeva. Indirabhai tells Shivani that they should never allow Kavya to enter the house ever. Jeeva listens to the conversation and tells him that he will never visit Kavya. Indirabhai believes in the words of Jeeva and believes that his plan is working.

Later, Achamma confronts Jeeva for not meeting Kavya. Jeeva lies that he will never call Kavya. But, he takes Achamma to his room and shows Kavya. Achamma is surprised and hugs Kavya. She tells them that she needs them both with her always.

Indirabhai arrives at Jeeva's room and talks about Kavya. Jeeva lies to him that he will soon file a divorce case against Kavya soon. Indirabhai gets excited and calls Kavya. Kavya also lies that he will never return to Ishwaramadam. Indirabhai tells Shivani that they should take advantage of the situation.

On the other hand, Jeeva and Kavya are seen discussing subrogation. Kavya says that Sahira is sacrificing herself for her happiness.