Update from Lakshmi Baramma, September 3: Chandhan attacks Aayi

In the last episode of Lakshmi Baramma , Lakshmi counterattacks Arun for kidnapping her. She informs him that family members will teach him a lesson. Arun is devastated and warns him to shut up. He mocks Lakshmi and calls her defenseless.

After a while, Arun forces Lakshmi to drink a spiked juice. Lakshmi is not afraid of losing his life. Instead, she responds to Arun. Annoyed with Lakshmi's response, an enraged Arun tries to demotivate Lakshmi by speaking ill of her faith.

Meanwhile, Chandhan prepares to look for Lakshmi and Shruthi and is surprised to learn from Aayi that he has taken them into captivity and poisoned them. In addition, Aayi gives him the option of choosing one among them to rescue, which puts Chandhan in a dilemma.

Chandhan calls Aayi and warns him to stay away from Shruthi and Lakshmi. Aayi doesn't care about Chandhan. It also gives Shruthi the opportunity to talk to Chandhan by phone.

When Shruthi receives the phone, he asks Chandhan to rescue Aayi. Chandhan asks Shruthi to be brave and informs him that he will rescue her.