Aurangabadkars took to the streets to celebrate Kawad Yatra

With the beginning of the holy month of Shravan, various religious events are filtered. The month also sees Kanwar Yatra , an annual pilgrimage of Lord Shiva devotees visiting Haridwar, Gaumukh and Gangotri in Uttarakhand . However, not everyone can make to the place. So, to have a mini Kanwar Yatra, Aurangabadkars decided to have the celebration in the city itself. Devotees in large number took part in the procession of Kawad Yatra, which began from Harsiddhi temple Harsul and ended up in the Khadkeshawar temple. Dozens of Shiva devotees arrived in the city and took full advantage of the meeting. Dressed in yellow saris, the women wore kalash on the head, while the men dressed in white while singing the name of the lord and completing the yatra.