Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Here's why Baba Bhaskar will probably be interrogated by host Nagarjuna Akkineni in the weekend episode.

Anyone who follows Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 closely knows that Baba Bhaskar He is one of the strongest contestants and the best artists of the house. However, he is often criticized for not taking anything important seriously, especially homework. Host Nagarjuna Akkineni You are likely to roast Baba for the same thing in the next weekend episode.

In the last episode, a group of intruders broke in and ransacked the house. Sreemukhi & Punarnavi later questioned Baba Bhaskar for not attempting to stop them instead of letting them loot the kitchen where he was working.

Besides, Baba pulled wild card entrant Shilpa Chakravarthy’s leg by predicting that she will get evicted within a week or two. Shilpa posed a serious objection to this adding that he has no right to pass comments that can affect her confidence levels. She even complained to captain Varun about this. The housemates joined the fun banter by telling her that Baba has passed similar predictions about them as well. Notably, Baba & Shilpa had a friendly conversation earlier in the morning.

Host Nagarjuna, who shall return to the show this weekend, is likely to question & give Baba Bhaskar a dressing down on these issues as well. Nagarjuna has earlier asked Baba to get serious about the game.

In the show, ‘Dongaludochina Nagari’ task is progressing with the housemates being divided into two groups - citizens & bandits. While the citizens need to fight the bandits & accomplish a set of tasks to regain their lost commodities that were looted earlier.