Agnisakshi written update, September 3: Maya confronts Shourya

In the last episode of Agnisakshi , Akhil informs Sannidhi about his plan to find Anjali's husband. He becomes frustrated and talks about the challenges they face in the future, when Vasudev learns the truth.

Akhil meets Tanu in his room and discusses Anjali's life. Tanu gives a very casual reaction that triggers Akhil. He attacks Tanu and asks him to stay out.

Meanwhile, Anjali meets the professional cartoonist along with Deepti. The artist promises to do what is necessary and asks Anjali to describe Shourya.

On the contrary, Maya meets Shourya in the cafe. She notices that Shourya is stressed and asks about the same. Maya tells Shourya that despite giving her consent to the marriage, she feels that he is hiding something important from her and that she worries about it.

Shourya tries to convince Maya by giving a random reason. Surprise Maya even more with a gift given by Pramila.

Maya accepts the gift but suspects Shourya's attitude. Maya politely demands an explanation from Shourya that drives him to reveal his hidden secret.