The filming of the Bengali television program Rani Rashmoni stopped after a protest from the vendors

The filming of the TV series Rani Rashmoni stops once again. This time it is due to the payment quotas of the suppliers, suggest close sources of the industry. The filming of the popular period drama has stopped since yesterday when the vendors protested against the producer who ran the show.

A crew member associated with the program said: “Today we are not filming. Like the actors, sellers have not yet been paid. Yesterday, filming suddenly stopped due to vendor protest. This could affect the transmission of the program, but at the same time, we cannot neglect payment fees. We depend on this.

The filming of the series along with two other programs Debi Choudhurani and Manasa was affected last week due to payment problems of the actors. Manasa left the air last week, while the channels that were broadcasting Debi Choudhurani and Rani Rashmoni could not broadcast new episodes due to the problem.

After the guarantee of the Artists Forum and the channels, filming resumed last week. The actors, who have not yet received their payments from said producer, sought help from the Artists' Forum to settle their quotas. The representatives of the Artists' Forum secured all kinds of help to the actors.