The poster mentions the details of a Bengali television actress as a prostitute; Television celebrities react strongly to the incident

Nightmare refuses to end the Bengali television actress who found her name and contact details on posters that mention her as a prostitute. Signs with escort service details have been found on several local trains in the South 24 Pargana section, as well as in some stations. The actress, who has made several television programs, including Subarnalata, Tumi Robe Nirobe, lost her parents a long time ago.

“I lost my parents a long time ago. It's a difficult time and I'm trying to be as strong as possible, he shared.

The actress is flooded with indecent calls that demand undue favors as mentioned on the posters. “I have no idea why it is happening and who is behind it. The posters have used the dp that I use for my WhatsApp account. My friend has found a new poster with a new image. It's a complete nightmare for me, he shared.

The incident left his friends and entertainment industry shocked.

The television actors protested strongly about such an incident and extended their support to the actress.

TV actress Swastika Dutta He is still in shock when he learned of the horrible experience the actress faces. She said: “I think we are losing consciousness. It's easy to degrade a girl like this. She is a brave girl and took the right step when filing a police complaint. I can understand your situation as well as the trauma your family faces. ” The swastika demanded a strict punishment from the perpetrator that discredits the character of the actresses.

She said: “Whoever is responsible behind this should be punished. We all have the right to live with dignity. No one should have the audacity to steal it.

Television actor Jeetu kamal He also extended his support to the actress. Jeetu went crazy for a few seconds after hearing the entire incident. Then he said: “We are no longer responsible for nature. We don't think twice before degrading anyone. I guess it's just our lack of sensitivity and ethics that drives us to do this. I imagine how difficult it is for the actress who faces this.

The incident the actress faced recalled Juhi Sengupta the recent incident he had to face at a city gas pump. The incident is still fresh in his mind, how he saw his parents being hacked by the staff.

She was also trolled be a section of netizens when she shared the incident of Facebook. While, speaking with actress Juhi Sengupta said, “The news left me shocked. We all have the right to live with dignity. None can steal that. We are losing our ethics as well as the fear of getting punished after doing anything wrong. ”