The Bengaluru Bulls do not feel the absence of the third assailant: Pawan Kumar Sehrawat

BENGALURU: Halfway to Pro Kabaddi Season 7 , Bengaluru Bulls They are in fourth position at the table with 38 points in 13 games, with two games remaining in their local leg. One of Bulls star players this season has been Pawan Kumar Sehrawat , who scored 148 points as an assailant and together with Captain Rohit Kumar was the central axis of the team.

But, he admitted, the 23-year-old felt that the current season had not been as good for the attackers and admitted that the results of the matches had been difficult to predict. “This season has been difficult to predict. It has not been a season for the assailants. This season has been tough. Each team has come with its set of plans. It has been tough, ”Sehrawat told TOI on Tuesday.

Sehrawat also said that the Bulls do not lack a third assailant. I feel we don't need a third mugger. Last year, we didn't need one either. Last year, I had Kashiling Adake with me. When he was not with me, he had Rohit Kumar. So we didn't need a third mugger. If both attackers give their 100 percent, then a third is not necessary, said Sehrawat. He said that now the Bulls will be attentive to the points table to qualify for knockouts. “We are trying our best to qualify. All teams are good and it has been a difficult season. We are in the middle of the road and start looking at the point chart So far we have not focused too much on it, but from now on we will begin to analyze it to see how many points we need to progress. ”

While Sehrawat, who aspires to put on the colors of India, is best known for his attack skills now, he spent the first days of his career as a defender. “In the third season, I played in the right corner. After that, I would raid my hometown.

“My sister suggested that I can attack well and, therefore, I focused more on it. In the third season I played as an assailant and got 45 points, which was the maximum for the Bulls. That gave me the confidence to continue playing the role of an assailant. I stay away from social networks. I put all my energies in the game, ”he said.