Amy Jackson shows how a year makes a lot of difference

Showing his belly, currently Amy Jackson It looks beautiful like never before. Recently he celebrated his great baby shower where he announced that they are conceiving a baby. Amy is committed to George Panayiotou and they both plan to get married next year soon. While the couple is in cloud nine, as they wait for the baby around October, it seems that Amy's last days are getting difficult for her.

Amy is quite active in her social networks and shares her mood with her fans and her recent publication is fun and real. She shows her family that a year makes a big difference in one's life. The actress published a photo of her last year when she was not pregnant and her next post was the current one with the baby's bump. And she wrote about her Instagram What a difference a year makes with a smiling face.

 Amy Jackson  (1)

Amy and George got engaged this year in January and while waiting anxiously for the baby, they will soon ring the bells of the marriage. On the work front, 2.0 beside Rajinikanth & Akshay Kumar It was his last movie.