Bigg Boss Tamil 3, episode 72, September 3, written update: former contestants Abhirami Venkatachalam, Sakshi Agarwal and Mohan Vaidya have fun with their housemates

In the last episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 , the nomination fight continues. Kavin tells his friends that, just because of the game, they can't 'walk' to other housemates and move forward. Cheran he says, if Bigg Boss has considered that Vanitha re-enters the program as a wild card contestant, then he must state it clearly.

Between, Vanitha Vijayakumar He takes off the microphone and puts it on the camera. Vanitha says he won't play the game until the rules are clarified. Sherin expresses his dissatisfaction with Kavin and other housemates about the prominent reason for his nomination. Being a person, who likes to keep his personal life a secret, does not want to reveal his problems to others.nBigg Boss asks Vanitha to put his microphone and go to the confession room. Bigg Boss says the final decision depends on the audience and asks Vanitha to play the game. Kavin reads the announcement that it is Ganesh Chathurthi. The housemates are asked to prepare special dishes as part of the task and celebrate the festival. According to the instructions, the housemates prepare special dishes and celebrate Ganesh Chathurthi together.n Later, Kavin reads the announcement of the luxury budget task. The house is transformed into a factory, where pillows are made. Housemates are asked to divide into two teams. Kavin Losliya Mariyanesan , Sandy Master & Mugen Rao become team orange. Vanitha, Sherin, Cheran & Tharshan Thiyagarajah Form the blue team. Vanitha and Losliya are the quality control officers who finally select the appropriate pillows from other teams. Both teams collect the cotton and other materials sent through the conveyor belt and make pillows competitively. During the time of quality control, fights are unleashed between Losliya and Vanitha. Losliya follows strict quality control steps and rejects many pillows made by Vanitha's team. In return, Vanitha rejects the pillows cleared by her before. Kavin and Tharshan have a discussion about the selection and rejection of the pillows. Vanitha makes fun of them. During the fights, Vanitha comments on the union of Kavin and Losliya.nWhen Losliya collapses, Kavin tries to comfort her.n According to the instructions of Bigg Boss, Losliya and Vanitha report on the number of pillows made by both teams, the count of selected and the total number of rejected.n Housemates receive a big surprise. Three evicted contestants, Abhirami Venkatachalam , Sakshi Agarwal & Mohan Vaidya jointly re-enter the Bigg Boss house. All the housemates welcome them with smiles & enthusiasm. This turns into a grand reunion. Bigg Boss also welcomes the three guests to the house.Vanitha tells Sakshi that she ask Kavin about his equation with Losliya as she is aware of his flirty nature. She hints how he used to flirt with her (Sakshi). Vanitha adds that she (Sakshi) has made a re-entry at the right time. Sakshi Agarwal gives some suggestions to Sherin as the show is approaching towards its finale. Similarly, Abhirami requests Losliya to be more serious & stay focused.