Will the television couple Sourav-Madhumita cancel their marriage?

The married life of Bengali television actors Sourav Chakraborty and Madhumita Sarcar is going through a bad time, the rumors suggest. The popular couple, who met on the shooting sets of the Sabinoy Nibedon television show, lives separately according to their close friends. According to reports, they have also decided to suspend their marriage. Both Sourav and Madhumita remain silent on this matter.

The actors are quite popular in the industry. The news that Sourav and Madhumita have problems in their married life has left their close friends shocked.

The duo married four years ago after having a relationship for four years. They also started a production house together and produced web series as well.

Sourav and Madhumita are popular faces of Bengali television. Madhumita is quite successful in her television career and has made several television programs such as Care Kori Na, Bojhena Se Bojhena and Kusum Dola. The daily soap Bojhena Se Bojhena, starring Yash Dasgupta , made it instantly popular. She shared a sizzling chemistry on screen with Yash. The actress is currently busy with her web series that also stars Ranojoy and Sohini Sarkar .

Sourav, on the other hand, is currently busy with his production house. The actor has performed several programs such as Bodhu Kon Alo Laglo Chokhe, Aaj Aari Kal Bhab, Membou, among others.