A spectacular sample of the popular heritage of Telangana

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The rhythms of holding traditional drums, melodious strains of ancient horns, folk songs and ceremonial songs filled the air as more than 1800 folk artists from all over Telangana descended. Ravindra Bharathi to commemorate World Folklore Day recently. Dressed in colorful outfits along with tight hats, flashy jewelry and accessories, the artists exhibited more than 45 folk art forms , including Burra Katha, Kolatam, Oggu Dolu, Yakshaganam, Harikatha Kaalakshepam, Kommu Koya, Lambadi Nruthyam and Jaanapada Natakam, among others.



Hundreds of people, who flocked to the place, had many options to choose which art form to savor while performing simultaneous performances for six hours straight, from 11 a.m. at 5 p.m. The idea behind making all of them act together in one place is to show the diversity of Telangana's popular traditions to the world and help them restore their former glory, said KV Ramanachari, cultural and media advisor to the Telangana government.



Okay, Hari Krishna Mamidi, director of the Department of Language and Culture of the Telangana Government, added: The folk artists of Telangana have been ignored for many years. We are trying to give them a platform to show their skills. Our goal for the world is to notice the glorious culture of Telangana.