Video: Did Kanye West really eat earwax in public?

A viral video that shows rapper Kanye West, reportedly, eating ear wax has shocked the Twitterati. The clip captured by fans also sparked an online debate.

The video was filmed in the Sunday service of the 42-year-old musician, where he is among a sea of ​​people. At one point, Kanye digs into the lower part of his inner ear, and then pulls out his finger just to quickly put it in his mouth.

So I didn't even realize it, but I received a video from @kanyewest eating his ear wax, wrote the user who uploaded the video. The video has been retweeted 20.4K times and has obtained 111.7K likes and 2.7M views so far.

Fan reactions have mixed.

One user wrote: I woke up and saw Kanye eat the wax from his ears. Log out for a day. Another joked: Kanye eats ear wax, maybe he knows something we don't?

However, many fans jumped in his defense. The cap didn't even stick it in his ear, he scratched his earlobe and took the gum out of his mouth, tweeted one.

Another wrote: Trying to get some seconds of fame. He scratched his ear and removed something from his mouth. Simple.