Toast to the classical Indian traditions in Delhi

Kuchipudi Raja and Radha teachers Reddy , along with his dance company, recently performed at the Kamani Auditorium, setting the stage with the sound of ghungroos , as part of the 23rd edition of the Parampara series. The objective of this series is to reach the younger generation and make them value traditions, and give budding artists the opportunity to establish themselves in the world of arts and culture.

Raja Reddy told us, “The theme of our dance this year is Bharatha Bharathi, which glorifies the traditions and values ​​deeply ingrained in our cultural heritage. This performance teaches the younger generation to be proud of their rich cultural heritage, like the Natyashastras, Sangeet, Vedas & puranas

LKDT3029 Yamini & Bhavana Reddy

El escenario, con sus intrincadas obras de arte & la iluminación adecuada, fue el telón de fondo perfecto para la actuación de la compañía de baile. El público dio una calurosa bienvenida a los bailarines cuando subieron al escenario, & el final de la actuación se encontró con un estruendoso aplauso. Raja & Radha retrataron las emociones humanas con movimientos elegantes & coordinados, que representan el amor, los celos, el miedo, la ira, la alegría, el asco, la sorpresa & la confianza.

LKDT2512 Kaushalya Reddy

Kaushalya Reddy , who organised the event, said, “Youngsters needs to understand that all cultures should be appreciated, and we should be connected to our roots. Through this festival, we aim to bridge the gap between western influence on our culture and our Indian roots, to generate curiosity among youths about the various Indian dance forms.”

LKDT3224 Shubha Mudgal also acted in the do

Talking about the importance of witnessing a performance live to understand its impact, Raja Reddy said, “People should come and watch live performances to understand their value. They should not go by a glimpse of such performances on social media and form an opinion. ”As the evening came to a close, Shubha Mudgal enthralled the audience with renditions of Khayal and Thumri.

Neelam-Pratap-Rudy Neelam Pratap Rudy

LKDT2504 Abha Dalmia This event with Kuchipudi teachers aimed to generate curiosity among youths about the various Indian dance forms. To find out more about it, follow us on Facebook