Manish Raisinghan and Avika Gor meet after two years

Last seen as spouses in the television show ' Sasural Simar Ka ', actors Manish Raisinghan & Avika Gor are set to reunite on screen. This time around, they will be seen on the big screen — in a comedy love story, which is yet to be titled. The two have been in the news for their link-up rumours, but they have always denied it. The actors, who have a 19-year age gap between them, admit that the rumours did take a toll on their friendship. However, they made peace with it & after a brief hiatus, they were back to being friends.

Manish says, “When speculations about Avika & me went overboard, I decided to end the friendship & we stopped talking to each other, as I felt naam kharaab ho raha hai. Even my distant relatives would inquire about us, & I would be perplexed as she was a kid for me. However, it was her parents who told us that we were being stupid by letting these rumours affect us, as they would only increase. Our parents have been understanding & supportive. They have witnessed our friendship mature over the years. We understood their point, rekindled our friendship & started making movie s together after a brief hiccup. To set the record straight, there was nothing between Avika & me then or now. We just respect for each other. I am single, looking for a life partner & would like to opt for an arranged marriage. It’s a matter of clicking with the person.”

On her part, Avika says, “I guess these speculations aren’t going to die anytime soon. When people were done linking us together, they started talking about our secret marriage & when that didn’t work, they went to the extent of speculating that we have had kids hidden somewhere. Manish & I eventually realised that these rumours shouldn’t be paid heed to, & now, we are working together again. As far as my love life is concerned, I am not dating anyone. For now, these rumours are keeping me entertained.”

Talking about his movie , Manish says, “While I came on board right in the beginning, Avika’s inclusion was a last-minute decision. They had finalised another actress, but the deal fell through & I suggested Avika’s name to them. The USP of our jodi is our tried & tested screen chemistry.”