Maintaining order in the sequel to KGF came a day before the team finished filming

The cyanide hills in Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) formed an intrinsic backdrop of KGF: Chapter 1 and the creators have been filming the expected sequel there for a while. But then, on the penultimate day of an extensive schedule at the same place last month, they received a suspension order, after a local resident, N Srinivas, alleged that the construction of sets for the film was destroying the hills and damaging environment. While they were surprised by the sudden development with just one day to finish filming, the film crew is now ready to solve the problem legally.nKarthik Gowda, from the production house, says: We filmed in the same place for six months for KGF : Chapter 1 and did not face any problems then. This time, we had a one-month calendar and, honestly, we have no idea why this has come up now. The petitioner states that the team was damaging the environment with the movement and construction of sets in Cyanide Hills, which created dust and air pollution. But the basic reality is not that. In fact, the residents of the area have no complaints against us, since the transportation of items for the sets and the actual work on them did not create a sandstorm . We have also been instrumental in providing temporary employment to many of them. Now, since the person who requested the suspension order has chosen the legal route, we will do the same. ”