The sports ministry takes a U-turn and grants a 90-day extension to Indian Golf Union

NEW DELHI: The sports ministry has taken a U-turn in his decision not to recognize the Indian Golf Union (IGU), giving it another 90-day lifeline despite the Golf Breach of the agency to implement the National Sports Code

The ministry granted an unprecedented fifth interim recognition to Golf 's national amateur body till November 8, 2019 without taking the Indian Olympic Association ( IOA ) in confidence.

The IOA had formed a five-member Golf Governance Committee (GGC) chaired by Asociación de Golf femenino de la India (WGAI) president Kavita Singh to oversee the affairs of IGU and the participation of Indian Golf ers in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The ministry's recent letter, in TOI's possession, says: This 90-day provisional recognition is the last opportunity given to IGU to establish a duly elected government and comply with the NSDCI (National Sports Development Code of India) , 2011. During the period of provisional recognition IGU will not be entitled to any direct or indirect financial support from the government, as was the condition during the last extension.

The ministry had granted recognition to the IGU for the fourth time until June 30, 2019. At that time, the ministry had clearly told the IGU that no further extensions would be offered to the agency until it renews its governance structure, summons its Annual General Meeting Meeting (AGM) and holds transparent elections. The previous 60-day IGU extension had expired on February 28 of this year.

The government move has not gone down well with the IOA, whose secretary general Rajeev Mehta told TOI: The ministry has no right to recognize/de-recognize a national federation. IOA as the governing body of Olympic sports in India, affiliated to various international federations, can only take that decision.

However, with this development, it is quite obvious that IOA 's Golf committee's existence is under threat. The committee has not even held its first board meeting till now but Mehta insisted it will be organised in the second week of September.

It is very unlikely that in this scenario, the UIG can put your house in order within the stipulated 90 days. Issues such as pending court cases, army clubs that have voting rights in the AGM and active army personnel with senior positions in the state and the national federation are affecting its operation. The current president of the IGU, Lieutenant General Devraj Anbu, is also vice president of army personnel.

The ministry's decision could push `` rebel '' national federations such as the Equestrian Federation of India (EFI) and the Archery Association of India (AAI) to fight for recognition without taking concrete steps to comply with NSDCI