Kaun Banega Crorepati 11 Highlights: Amitabh Bachchan promises to raise awareness about disability

In the last episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 11 , Amitabh Bachchan welcomes contestant Sanaya Chakravorty. Big b tells Sanaya that he worked 7-8 years in Kolkata and says he is in love with the place. He resumes the game with the contestant and she uses her first lifeline - 50-50. Sanaya wins 5000 rupees. She narrates her heartwrenching story and tells Big b that she faced domestic violence in her marriage. She says that she became a mother and then got separated from her husband in 2014.

Sanaya says that later she met her current husband and now is a mother to two twins and her elder son. She gets teary-eyed as she narrates the story to Big b . Amitabh Bachchan resumes the game and Sanaya uses her second lifeline - Fliip the question as she is unable to identify the personality's voice note. She wins the round by giving the right answer. She goes ahead to play for the next question and gives the wrong answer. Sanaya takes home rupees 10,000.

Amitabh Bachchan plays the fastest finger first round with the contestants. Arpita Yadav who hails from Rajasthan is a special educator. She tells Big b that her son Nirbhay, who is disabled is her guru. She tells him that during 8 months of her pregnancy she got to know that her child has not grown properly. Arpita tells Big b that she had an elder daughter who was also a disable.

When her daughter was 3 months old she underwent surgery and did not survive for 24 hours. She told Big b that when her second child Nirbhay was born she did not accept him as he is suffering from dyslexia. She said that took 2 and a half years to accept her child. Arpita told Amitabh Bachchan the test reports in 2018 showed that her son is out of death zone now. Big b salutes her will power.

The game starts and Arpita wins 3,000 rupees. Big b asks the contestant another question for 5,000 rupees What is the collective name for the musical notes Sa Re Ga Ma Pa? She gives the right answer and wins 5000 rupees. Arpita tells Big b that her kid Nirbhay responds to music and he started walking when he was 7 years old. She tells Amitabh Bachchan that her son heard Jagjit Singh’s ghazals sitting in her lap.

Amitabh Bachchan asks Arpita next question for 80,000 rupees. Which of these ports is on the west coast of India. The contestant uses her first lifeline - Audience poll. Arpita gets stuck in another question and uses her second lifeline - 50-50. She wins 80,000 rupees as she gives the right answer.

Big b asks another question to Arpita and she uses another lifeline - Flip the question. Arpita tells Big b to create awareness on disability and start a campaign. Amitabh Bachchan tells Arpita to write a letter and he promises to create awareness.

Arpita wins 1,60,000 rupees and tells Big b that it has been a long time that she went to a theatre with her son as she was always told to leave the place because of her son's condition. She said that she has been thrown out of theatres, buses and a train and is now shy to visit places.

Big b asks next question to Arpita - “Unbreakable” is the autobiography of which Olympic medalist and world champion? She wins 3,20,000 rupees and Big b asks another question to Arpita. Which poet wrote these lines, “Kaise aakash mein suraakh ho nahi sakta, ek patthar toh tabiyat se ucchalo yaaro” in the ghazal, “Jo Shahtir Hai“? She uses her last lifeline - Expert opinion and wins 6,40,000 rupees.