Update from Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, September 3: Abir, Mishti decide to help Kuhu and Kunal get closer

In the last episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke , Abir and Mishti observe tensions between Kuhu and Kunal. Mishti says the same to Abir and they both decide to make them approach during the janamashtami celebrations.

Nanu announces the dance competition and the servant continues to take the name of Mishti saying he will win the competition. Kunal is irritated and says it will be decided after the competition.

During the performance, Mishti twists his ankle and Kuhu wins the competition. She gets happy and hugs Kunal. Kuhu is going to deliver the cash prize won to Kunal but he insults her once again. He asks you to reveal the truth of your wedding to everyone and get rid of this false marriage.

Rajshri comes to know that Mishti lost the dance performance on purpose. She's happy.

Mishti asks for an ice pack and Abir takes care of her. Kuhu does not like to see Mishti happy with Abir and decides to end this relationship.

Next, Nanu announces the dahi handi competition and everyone looks for Kunal. Kuhu is seen going behind Kunal asking where he is going, he tells him he has to go to work. Kuhu gets mad at him, but again asks him to end this relationship forever soon.

Maheshwari receives gifts for the Rajvansh family when Meenakshi receives a call from someone who is blackmailing her. She warns that person never to blackmail her.

She bursts into Mishti and tells her not to listen to her. He also warns Mishti to stay away from his son Abir and never allow them to get married.