Five reasons to see Teri Bhi Chup

Marathi theater horizon is currently through a fantastic phase. With so many new plays being introduced to the theater lovers, there is obviously a tough competition going on in this arena. That is why the writers, directors and actors try and ensure that treatment given to their respective projects is unique to attract greater number of audience.

There is a new work Teri Bhi Chup that deserves a mention here. This work is based on the mantra of the success of the happy married life. Then, all those who are married or plan to marry would definitely want to see it.

The Texas Ranade script is known for being impressive and deserves special mention.

Being a true blue veteran, Vijay Kenkre , is known for its polished direction. Therefore, it is always worth watching your presentation.

Shrikant Tatkare as a narrator makes the package even more interesting.