Update from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, September 3: Kartik gets mad at Naira and asks him why he left him.

In the last episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai , Suhasini dadi and Manish are with Kairav and ask him what he likes. He says that his mother knows everything and that whatever his mother cooks for him, he loves him.

On the other hand, Kartik asks Vansh to never reveal to Kairav ​​the truth about his wedding with Vedika. Vansh counter questions him but Sarthak asks him to keep quiet and listen to whatever elders say.

Kartik finds Naira sitting alone in the room and having difficulty spending time. He asks you to come down and sit with them all.

Vansh and Kairav ​​go out to play. Naira and Kartik find them fighting but Suhasini dadi tells them not to intervene between children as they will fight and make up while playing together.

During their fight, Vansh tells him that Naira and Kartik are not married and are just pretending. Vansh realises what he said and rushes inside. I have in the storeroom.

Kairav ​​rushes to his mother and asks her if she is not married to his father Kartik. Naira fakes a neck pain and asks Kartik to help him so that they can divert Kairav ​​'s mind.

Naira and Kartik hope that Kairav ​​would have forgotten this when he wakes up. Kairav ​​wakes up and sneaks out of the room. He goes to the storeroom and asks Vansh about his parents. Vansh asks him to leave his house but just then he finds pics of his parents' wedding.

He shows the pics to Vansh and gets happy. Kartik gets upset with Naira seeing this. He drags her to the storeroom and asks her why did she leave him. She could have slapped him or done anything with him to punish him. She keeps quiet and doesn't say anything at all.