Kahaan Hum update Kahaan Tum, September 3: Rohit says he will never leave Sonakshi's side

In the last episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum , Rohit have time to talk with Sonakshi and he asks her what was she being blackmailed for. Sonakshi doesn't tell anything to Rohit and says whatever was the truth she has told the police officers.

Rohit doesn't believe her and says she has to trust him and reveal the truth to him. Rohit says he will find out the truth soon.

Sonakshi is interrogated again by the police officers.

At the police station, Rohit gets tea for Sonakshi 's mother Suman. She asks him to leave and that they can take care of things from here on. Rohit tells Suman that he doesn't believe that a woman needs a man all the time in every situation but for him Sonakshi is a very important person in his life and he cannot leave her ever. He asks her to get used to his presence around them.

He hands her a cup of tea and asks her to drink it, since she is also his patient.

Pari and Rohan Something happen together outside the police station while everyone is inside.

Sonakshi is released after the interrogation. She thanks Sippys for their help and gets to leave with her family. Rohit tells Sonakshi that she will come with him. Suman, Pari and Pulkit leave for home while Sonakshi goes with Rohit .

On their way home, Rohit keeps asking her about what she told the police and why was Mhatre blackmailing her. She doesn't reveal anything to him. Rohit gets angry and tells her how important she is for him and that he wants to help her. He says he cannot lose her like he had lost Raima a few years ago.

Sonakshi assures Rohit that she will take care of herself and tell him if she needs help. He drops her at home and leaves.

Sonakshi is about to leave for her shoot when Suman asks her if she likes Rohit. Sonakshi tells her mother that her relationship with Rohit is pure friendship and nothing beyond.

Elsewhere, Sumit comes to know of Sonakshi 's arrest in connection with the murder case. He leaks baseless info about Sonakshi in the press and decide to ruin her career forever.

Next morning, everyone is seen reading bad things about Sonakshi and her alleged affair with Mhatre. Channel officials call producer Netra to their office. Ajit comes and shows Rohit about the news on social media about Sonakshi. Rohit gets disturbed and worries for Sonakshi.