Donald Trump warns China not to drag its feet in business talks

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump said Tuesday that trade talks between the United States and China were going well, although he warned that it would be harder in the negotiations if the discussions continue until his second term.

We are doing very well in our negotiations with China, Trump wrote in a Twitter post, arguing that Beijing could not afford to drag its feet in the talks, given the damage that US tariffs were inflicting on its economy.

He did not provide details about the negotiations or how they could become more difficult.

Trump said that if the United States and China did not resolve their trade dispute and won re-election, “The agreement would be MUCH HARDER! Meanwhile, China's supply chain will collapse and businesses, jobs and money will be gone.

Trump, a Republican, has often publicly repeated his belief that Beijing is trying to delay trade negotiations in the hope that a victory for a Democratic presidential candidate in 2020 can lead to better terms in an agreement.

Washington began imposing 15% tariffs on a series of Chinese imports on Sunday, while China began imposing new tariffs on US crude oil.

Since then, China has filed a complaint against the United States with the World Trade Organization on U.S. import tariffs. In the US, its third lawsuit defies Trump's specific China tariffs.

Chinese Vice Premier Liu said on Tuesday that China is vehemently opposed to a trade war.