Sanjivani Update 2, September 3: Dr. Sid tries to expose Vardhaan

The last episode of Sanjivani 2 Start with doctors partying a lot. The next morning, it is revealed that the party was organized by Sid and Asha helped him. Asha asks Sid if he likes Ishani.

Sid observes a boy who asks his mother about his father. Sid remembers his childhood when he had similar questions for his mother.

Sid and Ishani hear from the nurses about the luxury room. They go to meet Dr. Shashank.

Dr. Juhi has asked for the financial reports. Sid sees the reports and says that Vardhaan You must have falsified the reports. Sid and Ishani say they will get the original reports.

They go to the accounts department and Sid tells Ishani to flirt with the account manager so he can get the reports.

I have successfully got the reports. Vardhaan meets Dr. Shashank and Dr. Juhi. Sid also comes their with the reports. It turns out, Sanjivani is in real trouble and Dr. Shashank has 24 hours to agree to the construction of a luxury ward.

Rishabh has one of Sid's patients and makes fun of him. He calls Dr. Sid illegitimate, like the boy. Ishani comes to discuss the same case.