Nouakhai bhetghat held in western Odisha

The western agriculture festival Odisha , Nouakhai, was celebrated throughout the state. Held a day after Ganesh Chaturthi, Nouakhai It is a festival where families eat the first products of their farms. First they offer the Nabanna - rice prepared from the harvest of freshly harvested rice - to the deities who preside and then have their party. Friends and family visit each other's place and have big parties. These meetings on this auspicious occasion are known as Nouakhai Bhetghat.

 Nouakhai  bhetghat

This ancient festival, also known as Nouakhai Parab, celebrates the hard work of farmers and is believed to usher in prosperity for them. People from western Odisha , wherever they work or stay, come back to their native place for this festival. Though, people in coastal Odisha don’t celebrate Nouakhai , they wished their friends from western Odisha on the occasion.

“Wherever we may stay, we come back home to celebrate this festival. This is one festival, when we stay close and feast together. Though I have a business in Bhubaneswar and it’s the peak time for my business, I had to close it for two days because I wanted to be home for this celebration. If you are from western Odisha, you just can't miss it, ”said Sanjeeb Biswal, a city-based businessman, who hails from Bolangir district.

People wore new dresses on this occasion, offered food to their goddesses and ate delicious food with friends and family members. Many celebrities wished the people of western Odisha on this occasion. Internationally acclaimed sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik created a sand art on Puri beach wishing Nouakhai Juhar to people. Prime Minister Narendra Modi chief minister Ship in Patnaik and other top leaders also wished the people of western Odisha on this occasion.