'Ravi Bopanna': first look at the protagonist of Ravichandran

The creators of 'Ravi Bopanna', starring Ravichandran, have released the first aspect of the film. 'Ravi Bopanna' is the second installment of 'Drishya 2'. The protagonist of Ravichandran 'Drishya' was a super success in 2014.n‘Ravi Bopanna 'is a thriller and thriller. In the first aspect of the film, Ravichandran has appeared with a robust appearance.

Ravi Bopanna, is directed and performed by Ravichandran and the music, lyrics and script are handled by himself. Ajith has produced this movie, Kiccha Sudeep plays a guest role in this movie. Ramakrishna, Jai Jagdeesh, Ravishankar Gowda Mohan and Kavya Shetty They have played a leading role in this movie.