The BJP government will examine the previous government's sale of 3,667 acres to JSW Steel

BENGALURU: The government of BJP in Karnataka examine and make a decision on the previous proposal of the coalition government regarding the sale of 3,667 acres to JSW Steel in Ballari .

The BJP, while in opposition, had opposed the measure and even organized protests against the government's decision at the time.

I will investigate and discuss with the officials about it ... did they (subcommittee of the cabinet formed in the previous government on the subject) any activity in this regard or not, there is some report, all those things that I will take to present and examine, he said Minister of large and medium scale industries Jagadish Shettar in response to a question.

Speaking to reporters, he said he was not in a position to comment on the issue at this time, as he has not yet reviewed the archives.

We will examine it ... then the legal department had opposed the measure, why it had opposed everything has to be examined and we will make a decision, he added.

The Congress-JD (S) coalition cabinet in May had decided to convert the lease of 3,667 acres to JSW Steel at Ballari into sale, in accordance with the initial agreement.

However, in the midst of a dispute over the decision that attracted opposition from various sectors, also from the BJP and inside, the cabinet again discussed the issue on June 14 and decided to refer it to a cabinet subcommittee.

Accusing the coalition government of selling the land to the company at a disposable price (Rs 1.22-1.50 lakh per acre), the BJP had had a two-day sit-in 24 hours.

Prime Minister B S Yeddyurappa, who was then the state president of the BJP, had even accused the ruling coalition of the JD (S) Congress of obtaining bribes for the sale of land.

Causing shame for the coalition, Congressional leader HK Patil had opposed the sale by writing a series of letters to the government.

He had argued that the company had been accused of illegal mining and owed the government and the government Mysore Minerals Ltd .

Amid the row, JSW Steel chairman and managing director Sajjan Jindal had said the firm never does anything illegal or disadvantage to the people of Karnataka.