Arun Mandola: I am very careful with what I publish on social networks.

As if being in the public eye all the time was not enough, actor Arun Mandola says that these days even the social media accounts of actors have become a talking point. Though Arun is quite active on social media , he makes it a point to be careful about what he publications . He says, “People want to know about their favourite actor's lifestyle, what he does, eats and where he goes. While we can post anything that we wish to, we need to think before doing it as it might definitely affect the people out there who love you. I am very careful about what I post on my social media pages. There have been times, when I have pulled down a post at people's behest, as they found it offensive. So now, I have become extremely careful.”

The actor, who became popular as Lakshman in 'Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanumaan', says that social media is addictive and one needs to be cautious while using it. “It has its pros and cons. One shouldn't get addicted to it, which I had become once. It should be used to express your views and to not impress everyone,” he signs off.