Sooraj Thapar will play Shakuni in 'Paramavatar Shri Krishna'

Actor Sooraj Thapar It is to experience the best of both worlds: typical family dramas and mythological stories. So, while he is part of the daily soap, ' Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein ', has now been cordoned off for a mythological show. He will play Shakuni in ' Paramavatar Shri Krishna '.

Several actors have rehearsed the role in the past, and Sooraj will add his own nuances to keep it different from the rest. He says: I will base my performance on writing and on what the creative team expects of me in terms of playing the role of Shakuni. With regard to this character, each actor has tried to add their own nuances to the previous ones. sample. If you ask me, it will be difficult to match what Gufi Paintal did in the first edition of 'Mahabharat' on television. He set a benchmark for the rest of us. No matter how well we play it, we will always fall short of him.

As reported by us, Barkha bisht has been cordoned off to play Draupadi and Abhishek Tewari will play Yudhishthir on the show. Actor Ssudeep Sahir plays the grown-up Krishna in 'PSK', which also marked his debut in the mythological genre.