Exclusive! Vicky Kaushal: Pachtaoge is a small step towards my desire to make a romantic movie

A few old actor movies Vicky Kaushal has already created its space in Bollywood . While he has received many compliments for his impressive performances in his latest films, the actor had previously expressed his desire to be part of a romantic movie . In an exclusive talk with Etimes recently, he spoke with all his heart about it. Excerpts from the interview:

What attracted you to being part of Pachtaoge?

I received a call from Bhushan Kumar They have a song that has to come out as a single. I listened to the song and got hooked immediately. Then I came to know about the artists involved with the song: Arijit Singh B Praak and Jaani. I have been a big fan of his works. I was excited to be able to work with such incredible talents.

Nora Fatehi He is super talented and a wonderful person to work for. This is the first time we collaborate. I was also able to collaborate with the T series for the first time. I think they make incredible sense when it comes to knowing the pulse of the audience music . I was very happy with the song and the collaboration. So I got in full.

Nora has been part of some successful songs in recent times. What was it like working with her?

More than an interpreter, she is a wonderful human being. She is a lovely person to collaborate. She is a fun and relaxed person and has no air of any kind. She is a simple, focused and hardworking girl. She is a great energy to work.

As it was the first time he worked with her, he knew her as an actor. She is a fantastic dancer. What people know as an interpreter is just one tip of the iceberg and I think we will all be impressed in the coming times with the work it has to offer.

As in the video, have you ever experienced betrayal or heartbreak in real life?

No, I have not witnessed such a thing in my real life. It is a really difficult story and I have not been through anything so difficult in my personal life.

You wanted to do a romantic movie . Does this music video contribute towards it to some extent?

I am a hungry actor and I want to do all sorts of films. I want to explore myself as an actor. I want to do all genres and let myself grow with every film. This video is purely a love story with a lot of heart-break in it. It is a love story gone wrong. So yes, it was definitely a small step towards my desire to do a romantic movie .

Which Bollywood actress would you love to romance on screen?

I would love to work with any actor that my director deems appropriate. It should fit the director's vision.