Prajwal Devraj will play a kickboxer in 'Arjun Gowda'

Sandalwood Dynamic Star Prajwal Devraj It's all in the news for your next movie. Sports films have a very good trend in the Indian film industry, and this trend is also slowly growing in Kannada.

After Sudeep starter ‘Pailwan’, ‘Arjun Gowda’ starring Prajwal Devraj is getting huge buzz for these special reasons. Director Shankar is showing Prajwan as a kickboxer in this film

Kickboxer Girish Gowda has been cornered to compose the boxing scenes. When we explained this to Prajwal, he suggested Girish's name. I took suggestions from him for the images, which gave the character a realistic touch, Shankar said.

Already, 90% of the shots are made. The film is being produced by Ramu Films, and the rest of the filming will take place abroad in September. Priyanka Thimmesh is playing the leading female role in this movie.