Shastri's advice of flexing the knees while batting helped me: Vihari

KINGSTON: Hanuma Vihari has proven its success in the second Test against the West Indies here to Ravi Shastri , saying that the advice of the head coach of India not to stay upright but to flex the knee while batting helped him improve his century of single women.

Vihari (53 not out and 111) was awarded the Man of the Match in the 257 Indian race victory over the hosts in the second Test on Monday.

When asked what Shastri told him after his first innings, Vihari said: He (Shastri) was talking about flexing his knees a little, he was a little erect in the first innings, so flexing his knees meant he could move his foot both front and rear foot.

It worked very well and should be given a lot of credit, Vihari told India's field coach R Sridhar during an interview, whose video was posted by BCCI on his website.

The 25-year-old emerged as the best runner in India against the West Indies in the two-game test series with 289 races.

I love hitting under pressure because that is the challenge that you have to accept as a batter and these situations get the best of me, said batter Andhra, who had scored a 93 in the first Test in North Sound.

I feel that I try to concentrate on what the situation is, and I have a certain game plan and I was lucky to have good alliances with Jinx ( Ajinkya Rahane ) He hit wonderfully too.

Vihari said he was confident of a good start during the two-game test series against the West Indies, as he had spent enough time on these pitches over the past two months with the India A team.

I was in a very good space. I have been in Caribbean For the past two months, I have been practicing and playing games in this wicket, he said.

So I was very confident and I think I played well in the practice game and it gave me an extra boost. I was eager for this series and I am happy it went well.

In his first year in international cricket, Vihari played six tests, but seemed to have lost some hair, got married and also scored 6000 more first-class races despite being only 25 years old.

I started my first class cricket quite early and that is why I was able to score 6000 races. I don't know about hair, it may be too much batting since childhood, he said with a smile.

... That experience will count, hit for nine years in first class cricket, and helped me in pressure situations.