Railway Guard is a large budget Pan-Indian film: Deepu Karunakaran

In his characteristic style, Prithviraj recently announced its next project Railway guard that will tell the story of a scarcely known hero who watches the scorching heat, the cold and cold nights in the arid lands of the north and northeast of India.

The film, scripted by Unni R , will also have some real-life incidents woven into the plot, says its director Deepu Karunakaran . It is a film that needs a lot of research that we are currently busy with. Most of the story will take place on the eastern rail corridor, which has the highest freight traffic, ”he says.

The “realistic” movie has a massive scale and will be shot across North India, he informs. “We have conceptualised The Railway guard as a big budget pan-Indian film much like KGF,” Deepu says. “Because the protagonist is a railway guard, there are a lot of shooting limitations due to the terrain which we are trying to figure out right now. We will fix the shooting dates soon; currently because of the rains, the rail tracks in many places are submerged or misaligned.”

Deepu had previously worked with Prithviraj in Teja Bhai and Family. “We wanted an actor who could understand the sensibility and scale of the project. Prithviraj is someone who is able to do that and also respond accordingly. When I told him the script, I said, ‘I had expected a movie similar to Teja Bhai but this is a matured film’, ”says the filmmaker, adding that their plan is to shoot the movie at the earliest.