Update from Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, September 2: Sikander can't get AC for Amyrah

In the last episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Sikander Amyrah & Kulfi are asked to stay back in the chawl & not leave. Chawl residents get food & other essential items for Sikander & the girls.

They apologise to Sikander. The chawl residents ask Sikander to sing live for them. Amyrah & Kulfi join him as he sings for the chawl residents.

Sikander decides to sing at birthday parties or any events to earn something for his kids. Lovely is in tears & asks her father to get her out of the jail. She also asks her father to bring Amyrah to his home & not let her stay with Sikander.

Lovely is being harassed by a prison inmate, but she decides to hit her. Lovely is angry at Sikander for not supporting her.

Sikander asks Amyrah & Kulfi to get ready for school. Amyrah says she will not go to old school as they will get to know her truth. Amyrah argues with her father & tells her that she will not go to the old school as her friends will make fun of her.

Amyrah asks her father to get an ac for her. Sikander tells her that he has got some job & that he will bring an ac for her soon.

Amyrah calls up her nanu & asks him to get her an AC. Sikander doesn't like Amyrah asking things from her nanu. He promises to get an ac for her.

Sikander gets to sing at a private party & he gets paid for it too. Kulfi 's chappals are broken but she doesn't ask for new & decides to let her father concentrate on getting an Ac for Amyrah .

Sikander calls Amyrah & tells her that he will get AC for her later in the evening. But he walks in empty hand. It is shown that Jimmy Gazdar's men took away his money that he earned at the private party.

He tells Amyrah that he could not get the AC.