Veena and I will get married after two years: Shiv Thakare

Shiv Thakare, a former Roadies contestant, began his journey in the Bigg Boss Marathi House like a loser. But he used that and his cordial behavior with other housemates to his advantage. On Sunday, Amravati's boy emerged as the winner of the show's second season, beating Neha Shitole in the final. In a quick conversation, Shiv talks about victory and what lies ahead. Excerpts

& You won the show just one day before Ganesh Chaturthi. Does that make the victory more special?

Of course! Apni Bappa se kadak union hai; yeh unhi ka gift hai! But honestly, everything seems so surreal! I am still stunned. I had dreamed of all this and the feeling of triumph will take some time.

You confessed your love for contestant Veena Jagtap on national television and she corresponded. Many feel it was a trick ...

It's a true love story between Veena and me. We will carry this relationship forward and it will certainly culminate in marriage. But we both also have our professional dreams to fulfill first. I want to do more reality shows and movies. We will take a couple of years before thinking about marriage.

Mahesh Manjrekar announced on Sunday that he will introduce you in one of his next marathi movies ...

Yes! That was like a icing on the cake when Mr. Mahesh announced that I would be one of the seven actors in his new project. I am grateful for everything that is happening right now.

Friendships in reality shows are usually short lived. But considering that you were friendly with all your fellow contestants, will things be different in your case?

I will be in touch with everyone, but I will definitely join more with Abhijeet Kelkar and Vaishali Mhade. They are my extended family now.

The audience appreciated him using Vidarbha dialect with great pride. Will we see you play a Varhadi character anytime soon?

My dialect is an integral part of my personality. It felt good when people appreciated it and yes, if I had the opportunity to play a character of Vidarbha, I would love it.