Tolly's stars pay tribute to Uttam Kumar Mahanayak

It's his 93 rd birth anniversary and 39 years have passed since Uttam Kumar breathed his last, but for many Bengali, time perhaps stopped that night on 24 July 1980. No doubt there have been successful stars since then, but if there was ever a 'nayak' in the truest sense of the wo rd in Bengali film industry , it's Uttam Kumar. In fact, just like media coined the famous term ‘superstar’ for Rajesh Khanna, Uttam Kumar came to be known as ‘Mahanayak’ in Bengal.

On his 93 rd birth anniversary, like millions of Uttam fans, Tollywood celebs including Prosenjit Chatterjee , Swastika Mukherjee Srijit Mukherji, Arpita Chatterjee also pay tribute to the matinee idol of Bengali cinema.

Watch the tweets here: