Lakshmi Baramma update, September 2, 2019: Is Shruthi kidnapped?

In the last episode of Lakshmi Baramma , with the intention of catching Aayi and Arun, Shruthi decides to join hands with Ranjith. Following Ranjith's instructions, Shruthi decides to sign the documents with his own name instead of Shravya's.

However, Shruthi begins to suspect Ranjith, when he orders Shruthi to leave the place immediately after signing the property documents.

Simultaneously, Kumudha sees Shruthi and Ranjith on the terrace and hears their conversation. He warns Ranjith to withdraw the plan since Bhargavi Devi would expose Chandhan's secret marriage with Lakshmi. Shruthi interrupts and supports Ranjith. She threatens Kumudha to leave the house.

After a while, Chandhan takes Shruthi to the registration office along with Ranjith and Kailash. On the other hand, Kumudha informs Lakshmi about Ranjith's plan.

Lakshmi immediately alerts Chandhan about the same. Shocked by Shruthi's plan to arrest Bhargavi Devi and Arun, Chandhan becomes enraged and prevents him from signing the documents.

He takes Shruthi back home and demands an explanation for taking an extreme step without informing him. Shruthi attacks Chandhan and enters a heated argument with him and leaves the house.

Family members try to stop Shruthi but fail. Lakshmi follows Shruthi and asks him to obey Chandhan's advice. They land in a great conflict against each other.

Shruthi calls Lakshmi for not supporting her. Surprisingly, Lakshmi decides to separate and leaves, but soon realizes his mistake and tries to apologize.

To his surprise, he can't find Shruthi, but sees his broken bracelets along the way. Fearing that Bhargavi Devi has kidnapped Shruthi, Lakshmi calls Chandhan and informs him about the incident.