Gujarati movie promotions should go beyond selfies with fans, but take a look at the movie: Shounak Vyas

When the team of Teacher of the year they visited a city school, the actors gave the students a preview of the film by not showing their progress, but by representing a scene from the film. This, the filmmaker believes Shounak Vyas , it helps people to be part of the history of the movie and, therefore, will attract them to cinemas. Shounak says: “The promotional activities of interactive films, whether on site visits or through social networks, make the audience part of the film and its history so that there is a deeper connection. During any normal promotional activity, people simply come to see the stars and click on some selfies. In addition, they share that the content is what takes the audience to the theater and, unless they know what the movie is about, they will not go To the cinemas. If I don't know the history of the movie, I won't be interested in going to see it. That is why there is a very small conversion rate for most of Gujarati movies Although we see thousands of people attending public promotional events.