Tarikh wins big at the Los Angeles Film Awards

When his movie Tarikh recently won the director of the National Prize Churni Ganguly He was a little upset because he was not allowed to run for more than 5 days in Kolkata multiplexes. However, despite the hard treatment, Tarikh continues to win laurels in international cinema. The last three awards at the prestigious Los Angeles Film Awards 2019.

The categories in which the drama ‘of life won awards are Best Song, Best Editing and Best Narrative Feature. It is not often that he has the opportunity to represent his country on international platforms and, when he has the opportunity, it is really a moment of pride and honor.

Churni Ganguly’s ‘Tarikh’ tends to focus on the positive outcomes of social media along with addressing issues of intellectualism, loneliness, and relationships. With a stellar cast of Saswata Chatterjee , Ritwick Chakraborty & Raima Sen , the film has received recognition from all corners.

Tarikh definitely demands a clock, not because it reminds you of death, but because it really reminds you of how important each moment of life is ... how important it is to live fully within your fixed timeline than to be immortal.