Abir can attend the Lokokrishti anniversary celebration

Open Chatterjee expect to celebrate the 30th anniversary of theater group Lokokrishti on September 15. To mark the day, the group will be hosting a theater festival between September 14 and 16 in the city. Though the actor will be travelling to Delhi for work, he has decided to take time out on September 16 to be a part of the celebration.

Abir, who has closely followed the group's activities, said: “Due to the deep involvement of my father (Falguni Chatterjee) and my mother (Rumki Chatterjee), Lokokrishti is like my brother. We practically grew up together. The team members used to rehearse right next to my room, as a result, I used to memorize all the dialogues. Everything I say in this celebration will not reach what I feel. It is an extension of my being and I am very happy. Previously, Open presented two of Lokokrishti’s plays and appeared in one, Choo-Mantar— the group’s last production. Besides Open , the play also features Falguni and Rumki.

Falguni, who is also very busy preparing for the festival, said: “It will be a big deal. We will make three plays: Misfit, Chhoo-Mantar and Samajbandhu. Paran Bandopadhyay will present a talk about acting in comic roles. We are all preparing for that. ”

Talking about Open ’s involvement, he said, “Even when he was young, we used to rope him in when someone was absent. Open has seen our work very closely. Though he has become very busy now, he still manages time for us.”