The city's jazz musicians come together

Kolkata jazz enthusiasts have teamed up to present jazz music on a regular basis. Guitarists, percussionists, bassists, vocalists and several other musicians have planned to pay tribute to legends like Miles Davis , Duke Ellington , John Coltrane , Charlie Parker and others.

Bodhisattwa Ghosh of Bodhisattwa Trio is very excited about the project. We have played originals nationwide. But in Kolkata, the scope is limited. Now that we have all met, we hope to have a good time. We recently performed a concert, where the Dutch saxophonist Maarten Visser, based in Chennai, joined us. It was a lovely experience, ”he said.

In addition to Bodhisattwa, other musicians who are part of this project include Amyt Datta , Bumpy (Mainak Nag chowdhury), Gabu (Gaurab Chatterjee), Premjit Dutta, Akash Ganguly and Pradumno Singh Manot.

Gabu is also very optimistic about the new partnership. “We are not from New York or New Orleans. We have our own jazz music and we play it. With this association, we will definitely pay tribute to the Calcutta music scene of the 60s and 70s. We have our own interpretation of jazz music. Interestingly, many new places have emerged. People there insist on playing live jazz. Because of these places, we are getting new platforms to play. Many new music lovers also approach us. That is a very optimistic scene. We all love jazz and it will be great if we can bring jazz music to this city, ”he said.