Mithun will play a forgotten hero in the next Manas Mukul

After a prolonged illness, Mithun Chakraborty He is back in business. In addition to judging a reality television dance show, the actor will be seen in the next Manas Mukul Pal movie about Freedom Fighter Dinesh Gupta . According to the director, the veteran actor signed on the dotted line earlier this year.

We listen, Mithun will be rehearsing a very important character in the movie. Mithunda's character is not a known name, but plays a fundamental role. There are several anonymous heroes who participated in the freedom movement. We found this character after a lot of research, ”said the director.

Mithun Chakraborty was reportedly thrilled when I heard the script. “I read the script to him at his Mumbai residence. When I finished reading, I came up to me and said, ‘See, I've got goose bumps. This is what you have done to me. You have written a brilliant script ’. This, coming from a stalwart like Mithun, meant a lot to me. I have lent him a few important books and he has been reading them. He has started preparing for the role, ”the director said.

Manas intends to start shooting the film after Puja. We will start shooting Diwali and we will work throughout the winter, he said.