Kunchacko Boban plays an Ayyankali activist in Pada

Seems actor Kunchacko Boban It is in experimental mode today. He has been choosing interesting characters in his upcoming films that are different from the previous ones. After doing Virus and Allu Ramendran, he has now enrolled in the Kamal KM Pada.

Talking about why I signed for the movie, Kunchacko Boban says, The crew was the main reason I committed to the film. Kamal had directed ID, which was a fantastic film. Pada is based on the incident in 1996 when Palakkad district collector WR Reddy was held hostage in his chamber for nine hours by four members of the Ayyankali Pada. I am not the collector in the film (laughs); I play a vibrant youth who is among the Ayyankali Pada. I have never done such a character, he says.

The movie also has an interesting cast that includes Vinayakan, Joju george , Dileesh Pothan, TG Ravi Chettan and Salim Kumar .